Painting & Color Consultaion

Unlike what most people may think, color selections and painting is the most vital stage in a construction/remodeling project. A typical color consultation client is someone who has already taken many trips to the paint store, has stacks of paint swatches, has samples painted on the walls and can’t make up their minds on a color.  They might think that they have no idea of what they want or like, but this isn’t true. They just lack confidence and vision. Gannon Cooper can help out a great deal in this department.

what you want to know is what color goes well with another. What is the most comforting color shade to your eyes. Now that we are near the end of the project, this is what you will look at every morning when your eyes first open up, during breakfast, dinner and the last thing that you will see before retiring to bed at the end of the day. This is the most important selection that you will make.

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