Basements’ remodeling is about getting the most out of your functional living space. A child’s play room, a fitness center, or a state-of-the-art home theater. These spaces may include stylish bathrooms, Game ares and even kitchens and guest suites. If the terrain allows, finished Lower Levels can open up to the outside world, letting sunlight stream in to what was once just a storage closet.

We plan your basement remodel with the right priorities in mind. First, a structure engineer will verify your foundation walls and floor. Second, an MEP engineer along with a licensed plumber will verify the plumbing system, ejector and sump pumps and the proper drainage and supply of water. Third, an affiliate designer/architect will work closely to bring your vision and ideas into life. Finally, we’ll build it. These steps ensure that you receive a final product that is worth every dollar, every thought and every minute spent on it from begging to end.

Visit Gannon Cooper’s idea book on www.houzz.com  for basement design ideas. Notice the new trends and functionality of each design and we’ll help you decide what will fit best in your space. Our team knows that each basement remodel is a personal experience. No element is too small to merit attention, from the ceiling lights to the mechanical room ensuring that your basement is exactly the way you want. Typically, there are endless questions and decisions to be made in the smallest basement space. At Gannon Cooper, we account for all of them so that nothing goes overlooked.

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